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Amrut — Single Malt Indian Whisky

Ancient Indian legend tells that Angels, seeking immortality, churned the mythical Ocean of Milk to obtain the Elixir of Life. They did this using Mount Mandara as the pestle and the devine serpent Adhishesha as the rope. After much churning, Amrut emerged — the drink that confers immortality. In The production of drinks that offer lasting pleasure, the founders of this distillery though it apt to name it Amrut.
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Single Malt
Strength 46%, 70cl
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Single Malt
Strength 46%, 70cl
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Single Malt
Cask Strength
Strength 61.8%, 70cl
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Single Malt
Cask Strength – Peated
Strength 62.8%, 70cl
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Strength 50%, 70cl
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Strength 62.1%, 70cl
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Intermediate Sherry
Strength 57.1%, 70cl

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